Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Update 5 tahun sekali :P

Status geng:

Kabi + Regina: Married. 2 kids (girl n boy)
Azhar + Rina: Married. 1 daughter
Mas + Nashwar: Married. 1 boy + another one on the way
Eddy : Married. 1 boy
Zul + Fizah: Married. 1 boy
Pejai : Married. 1 daughter + another one on the way
Pae : Married
Yen : Married
Aidil : Tunangan org bakal menjadi laki org this month
Adi : GTO
Farid : Skandal
Iki : ?? Skandal??
Harni : Nelayan laut dalam?
Kamal : Bahagia di Kuantan
Namo : Auditor berjaya


Friday, April 06, 2007

Genting Ex-Single #2 - Kabi

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Genting Ex-Single #1 - Rid

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bandai - Hybrid Action - Dragon Ball Z - Super Saiyan Son Gokou

Hmm since dah lama tak bukak blog ni..so aku pun decide lah nak letak something untuk fill the loneliness dalam blog ni (cam poyo je ayat)
Takde ape yang special just that aku terjumpa satu Dragon Ball Z figure yg mmg menarik...actually benda ni baru je realease so ade 4 character je (goku, vegeta, picollo n future trunks). Bagi aku ni lah figure DBZ yg paling bes...
So sape yg fanz DBZ ni boleh lah beli buat hiasan dalam ofis or bilik. Murah je RM 50
Cuba cek kat www.xl-shop.com

Ok nak tengok figure2 lain silalah ke www.xl-shop.com

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

//the Genting trip

Project Close-out Report.

The Genting trip was planned and executed on the 4th of November 2006 with the attendance of 4 Gentingites: Aidil, Mas, Kabi and Iki.

The trip started with Aidil picking up Iki at Ikea around 0730hrs and went to Kabi's house while waiting for Mas to arrive at LRT Terminal Putra. After picking up Mas, they had breakfast and proceeded to Genting in Aidil's car. Reached the Genting Skyway station around 1000hrs. Reached the Genting summit around 1040hrs.

The team did 10 rides, indoor + outdoor: the Space Shot (except Mas). the Flying Coaster, Cyclone, Sungai Rejang Flume, Corkscrew, Flying Dragon, Euro Express, Bumper Car, 4D Motion Master and Monorail. Two Thrill Rides had to be skipped due to some technical constraints from the team. Aidil was Site Programme Planner, Mas was F&B Manager and Kabi was Loan Manager.

The Genting trip ended at 1900hrs, and was continued by attending Azhar & Rina's open house cum engangement party (except Kabi) at 2100hrs.

The highlights of the event are as follows:

Mas berlatarbelakangkan hot chick b4 naik cable car


Sebelum naik space shot


"This is Aidil, Iki, & Kabi trying to kill themselves". Video taken by Mas.

Flying coaster

Dalam Monorail


Kenduri Azhar & Rina

Next events shall be initiated later.

Report by:

Site Programme Planner


Friday, November 03, 2006

Death Note

Although initially skeptical after realising that it is a tool of a Shingami (God of Death), Light eventually decides to use it to 'cleanse' the world of evil. With the power to kill anyone by writing the name on the page, he begins to hold the scales to judge criminals based in his discretion.


Friday, June 23, 2006

The Proposal

I hereby would like to propose that we the Genting Clan to have a get together.


  1. To catch up with one another. Basically to know what's up one's arse. Haha. Just kidding.
  2. To observe which one of us has become gheyer over the time. My guess would be Eddy, Bert and Aidil. Hehehe. Jangan marah....
  3. To hang out like old times. Just like we used to during the golden days.

Proposed Venue:

I believe it is so damn obvious where the venue is going to be. Still have no freaking idea where? Well Genting duh!

Proposed Time:

Since all will be in Peninsular during the Hari Raya month, I would like to propose that, we go like on the 7th or 8th Hari Raya. So make sure you have taken a very long holiday. (Still negotiable)

Proposed Duration:

It would be great to hang out like month together but if we could spend like 3 days and 2 nights together that would be great.


Guys I really hope that we all could make this a reality.


Signing off...... iki


Posted by genting @ Friday, June 23, 2006 7:22 pm

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Letter to My Friends

Dear Best Friends In The Whole Wide World,

It has been a while that we have seen each other. There has lot of things that had happened in my life and it saddens me that I could no share it with you all. It break my hearts that it is easier for you all in Peninsular to meet up with each other. I wish I could be there with you all.

However, my path was set to be here in Bintulu. I would like to make a proposal that during this long holiday (Hari Raya), lets plan to have a get together. Maybe we could plan to hang out somewhere for one or two days. We could even go to Genting, all of us, like we have been planning to do.

I really hope that we could make this a reality.


From A Friend That Misses His Friends,



Posted by genting @ Sunday, June 11, 2006 10:47 am

Friday, May 26, 2006

I should have gotten myself a blog.

Well, since this blog has never been used to the fullest, I guess I could write something in order to give some life to it. Or is it because I still haven't gotten a blog? Anyhow, I'm writing.

Why is this post written in English? Because I can. Since a lot of you have been living your lives in the professional stream, I know that you won't mind. After all, professionalism spells English in its entire stream don't you think?

So, how's life has been to all of you? Good? Bad? Busy? Pricey? Da-Vinci-Code-ly?Mine, has been great. I have been elected as the president of Uniten Hockey Club, which is something that seems to be like a light year away in UTP. I completed my very first semester with an AD, which is very much impossible when I was in UTP. Maybe I should have moved here earlier. Nevermind..

I took some pictures of this place. Nope, I don't share the same enthusiasm of an amateur photographer, I took them because of my 15% project last semester, which I did get the full 15%, not because of the pictures but for the website I made to house them. I still couldn't find the best javascript to display the entire collection of the pictures so I didn't upload the pictures here. Maybe some other time. Well, the best thing here is the girls..aaaahh...I recall that I told Pae all the girls here are everything but beautiful. Well, I take that back. My bad. Take Azzura for instance. Azzura is a friend of mine. We are in the same class. And she has a very beautiful pair of breasts. From my manhood knowledge, those are a pair of 36D. Earlier today, as I was about to get out of the chilled computer lab, she, who was in the same lab all this time, shouted my name. So I waited for her at the door as she was coming towards me. Then she asked where I was going. I was staring at her breasts. 'Why are you staring at my breasts. My face is up here, helloo....' 'Why am I staring at your breasts? Because I am..err..straight? Well, you seem to be parading them here and there with that tight blouse of yours, so I'm just doing my job as a man. Men stare, you know..' She smiled. Either she found a point in what I've just said or was it because she was about to ask me to lunch. Either way, I did go to lunch with her. The moral of this story is, stare at a woman's breasts. But only to the point that you understand you must respect a woman for having something that you don't have. There are only two reasons why a man would not stare at a woman's breasts. First one, he's gay. Second, she's a 32A. By then all you'd be staring at, is the lacey bra that seems to be more obvious than what's underneath it. I know that I'm as old as some of the guys and there are girls as well in this so called clan to even exhibit this kinda pervert behaviour but I just can't help it. I'm straight.Yuh, keep on denying that you have never stared at a woman's breasts. If you haven't, then you better see your doctor for you may be having a gender confusion. If some find this post is offensive or provoking then I appologize. Well you know what the say rite? Badboys are like Volvo. For life.

p/s: Makes you think that this post is not about my life here but it's actually about breasts. Who cares?



Posted by genting @ Friday, May 26, 2006 3:22 am

Sunday, May 07, 2006




lame aku tak main blog, asyik main SAP je huhu...

jumaat/ sabtu baru lpas kitorang (aku, bert, faizal, tarik, yob n alham) gi kelaut mencari rezeki yg halal... skang nih bulan mei dikatekan bulan sotong yg best. lagi2 mase bulan bulat.

kitorang bertolak dari marang ade la kul 3, pusing pulau kapas, gi ke tgh skit ntuk sampai ke "spot" yg konon baik la. mase perjalanan adalah dalam 2 jam sahaja... bot lwn ombak mmg best. sampai ade la dlm kul 6...

buat prep skit ngan candat, start ade la dlm kul 8, kasi gelap skit keadaan. lampu spotlight mmg wajib. sotong tertarik kpd cahaya, tidak seperti sotong2 darat yg suka di blakang shoping kompleks dan di lorong2 yg gelap. lepas umpan sampai ke dasar (ade la dlm 20 meter), naik skit dlm 2 meter, main2 je umpan kat situ... nnt ade la yg tertipu. ngail la sampai larat mata.. aku thn sampai kul 2 je. mase tu pun dah slow skit, sotong dah semakin bijak. seda2 dah kul 6. melihat matahari terbit sambil menghisap rokok mmg selesa....

kul 7 sambung balik, tapi time ni mancing lak. aaa... lak dtg umah aku 2 ari lpas.. die skang lepak awana. pepe pun skang ni time mancing kerisi. pakai tali same, tuka umpan je. pakai umpan sotong yg anda dpt mlm tadi. main umpan kat kedalaman yg same gak. byk gak la yg tertipu lagi...

pabila rase gatal bdn, silelah cuba laut yg luas itu.. ikan jaws tolak tepi. berenang2 keliling bot mmg best, rase cang ikang duyung. kul 10 baru la balik.. lpas tu mabuk darat... demn

mmg best... anda bila lagi? nanannananana ganu kito...


Posted by genting @ Sunday, May 07, 2006 10:38 pm
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